European Parliament election 2019

Voter’s notification

A voter’s notification informs those eligible to vote that they have been entered in the voters’ register. The notification contains information on

  • the date of the election,
  • polling hours,
  • the location of the polling station,
  • whether the polling station is accessible, and
  • the option to apply for a polling card to be issued together with postal ballot documents.

Basically, persons entitled to vote may cast their votes at the indicated polling station only. They may, however, apply for a polling card so that they can vote by post or go to another polling station of their administrative district or town (for example, in case “their” polling station is not accessible).

Generally, voters prove that they are entitled to vote at a specific polling station by presenting their voter's notifications there. Nevertheless, you should also have your identity card or passport ready to present it if required. The electoral board may keep the voter’s notification.

Legal bases

Sections 18, 24, 49 (3) of the European Electoral Regulations (EuWO)