Press release no. 28/21 of 20. August 2021

Correction: Background information on the 2021 Bundestag Election: 2.8 million people will receive a voter’s notification for the first time

Correction: The press release of 20 August 2021 included an error in the first section that has been corrected. The correction is highlighted in bold.

WIESBADEN – In the coming weeks, approximately 2.8 million people who were born in the period from 25 September 1999 to 26 September 2003 and therefore reached the age of majority after the 2017 Bundestag Election will receive a voter's notification for the first time. “Based on estimates of the Federal Statistical Office, roughly 1.4 million women and the same number of men will be eligible to vote for the first time on 26 September,” said Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel. As a result, first-time voters account for about 4.6 percent of the total number of people entitled to vote, which stands at approximately 60.4 million.

When the voters’ register for the Bundestag election is compiled, all people entitled to vote who are registered with the residents’ registration office have to be entered ex officio. The reference date for this was 15 August 2021. The municipalities will send out the voter’s notifications within the next three weeks.


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