Federal Elections Act (BWG)

The election to the German Bundestag shall be conducted in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Federal Elections Act, which specifies the constitutional provisions of Articles 38 to 41 of the Basic Law with regard to Bundestag elections.

In a total of nine sections, the Act lays down rules for 

  • the electoral system (Sections 1 to 6),
  • the electoral bodies (Sections 8 to 11),
  • franchise and the right to stand for election (Sections 12 to 15),
  • the preparations for the election (Sections 16 to 30),
  • the poll (Sections 31 to 36),
  • the establishment of the election result (Sections 37 to 42),
  • the special regulations for by-elections and repeat elections (Sections 43 and 44),
  • the attainment and loss of membership of the German Bundestag (Sections 45 to 48)
  • the final provisions to the Act (Sections 49 to 55).

Please find the Federal Elections Act as a pdf file for download on our website.

The relevant Federal Law Gazette is available from the Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft. The address is:

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Last update: 1 August 2014