European Electoral Regulations (EuWO)

For the implementation of the European Elections Act, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community has issued the European Electoral Regulations (EuWO) in accordance with Section 25 (2) of the European Elections Act, which specifies the provisions of the European Elections Act. The European Electoral Regulations above all contain rules governing the appointment and activities of the electoral bodies, the individual prerequisites for entry in the voters’ register, the admission of nominations and the postal ballot.

It is subdivided into six parts:

  • electoral bodies (Sections 1 to 11)
  • preparation of the election (Sections 12 to 41)
  • the poll (Sections 42 to 59)
  • establishment of election results (Sections 60 to 74)
  • by-election, repeat election, appointment of successors from the lists (Sections 75 to 77)
  • interim and final provisions (Sections 78 to 88)

The Annex to the European Electoral Regulations contains samples of all official forms, nominations and ballot papers mentioned in the European Electoral Regulations.

Please find the European Electoral Regulations as a pdf file for download on our website.

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Last update: 3 January 2022