European Parliament election 2019

Voters’ register and residential move

Only those who are listed in a voters’ register or have a polling card may vote. Unless they have a polling card, people on the voters’ register may vote only in the polling district where they are listed.

Exclusions from voting rights

Decision by the Federal Constitutional Court on exclusions from voting rights

The Federal Constitutional Court ruled on 15 April 2019 that persons placed under full guardianship and offenders confined, for lack of criminal responsibility, in a psychiatric hospital to whom the statutory exclusions from voting rights applied can take part in the European election on 26 May 2019 once their application or objection has been successful (2 BvQ 22/19).

What to do if you are a German citizen entitled to vote

People whose population register entry has contained a note that they are subject to exclusions from voting rights will not automatically or ex officio be entered in the voters' register. If you intend to vote in the European election you have to apply for entry in the voters' register (Section 17 (1) of the European Electoral Regulations - EuWO) or object to the voters' register (Section 21 of the European Electoral Regulations).

Municipal authorities are responsible

The Federal Returning Officer is not involved in voter registration. If you have further questions, please contact the municipal authority of your main place of residence.