Bundestag election 2021

On the Sunday of the election

Polling takes place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Persons entitled to vote should take their voter’s notification to the polling station and have their identity card or passport ready. After entering the polling station, they have to present their voter’s notification if asked to do so by the electoral board and are handed a ballot paper. The ballot paper may be marked only inside the polling booth. Before leaving the polling booth the voter has to fold the ballot paper in such a way that the markings cannot be seen. The electoral board first checks whether the voter is on the voters’ register and if there is a reason to reject the ballot paper. If all is in order, the ballot box is uncovered for the ballot paper to be put in. The member keeping the minutes then makes a note in the voters’ register that the vote has been cast. The electoral board may keep the voter’s notification.

Legal bases

Sections 47 (1), 56 (1) to (4) of the Federal Electoral Regulations (BWO)

My polling station

At the polling station

The ballot paper

Voting and COVID-19

It is possible to wear a face covering (FFP2, surgical or community mask) in the polling station. Depending on the development of the pandemic, this may be advisable or even compulsory. Please note the instructions provided together with the voter's notification and at the polling station.